What do people who stay healthy eat?

This is one of the questions that NutriQuébec wishes to answer. To do so, questionnaires on diet, other lifestyle habits and health will be filled out on the Internet by thousands of Quebecers for many years. It is the biggest project on nutrition and health ever accomplished in the Province of Quebec. This project is conducted in partnership with the Gouvernement du Québec.

Be part of it

We need your help!

Every person has characteristics that distinguish them from others and that can influence their health. That is why we need you for this project. Your participation will only take one hour per year, but will have an important impact on the health of thousands of Quebecers!

How to participate?

1 – Register online
2 – Complete the core questionnaires within 30 days
3 – Complete the core questionnaires every year and complete additionnal questionnaires if you feel like it!

Simple but so helpful!

Why participate?

To receive a free dietary evaluation
To help the researchers
To improve the health of the Quebec population

Stay informed


The NutriQuébec project explained by the scientific director

February 23rd 2021


Good eating habits were maintained during the early lockdown

February 11th 2021

During the COVID-19–related early lockdown (between April 15 and May 12, 2020), 853 NutriQuébec participants completed questionnaires about their lifestyle habits, including their eating habits. Interestingly, NutriQuébec participants did not…


NutriQuébec wants to study Quebecer’s diets in a pandemic context

March 20th 2020

It is pretty sure that the efforts of social distancing deployed throughout the Province will modify the eating habits of households. For better or for worse? NutriQuébec wishes to answer…

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