Frequently Asked Questions


Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email. It will be our pleasure to answer you!

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Q The project will last how much time?

The maximum duration of the project is 25 years, but it will depend on the funding received. 

Q Where can I consult the detailed consent form?

You can consult the detailed consent form by clicking on « Register ».

If you have already registered, you can consult the consent form by connecting to your personal space and clicking on « My consents ».

Q What must I do if my personal information (name, gender, mailing address, phone number, email address) changes?

It is very important to update your personal information! To do so, connect to your personal space and click on « Update my info ».

Q Am I compensated for my participation in the study?

No, a compensation is not offered for participating in the study. However, you will have our eternal gratitude!

Q How many questionnaires must I complete per year?

There are 6 core questionnaires as well as 2 dietary questionnaires to fill out every year. You could also receive up to 3 complementary questionnaires per year. You are not obliged to complete all questionnaires. 

Q What happens if I wish to withdraw myself from the study?

You can unregister from the study at any moment. To do so, connect to your personal space and click on « Stop my participation ». You can also send us an email at and indicate your full name.

Q When I register, what must I do if I do not receive the activation email.

It is possible that the activation email is in your spam mailbox (Junk). The email is from “PULSAR”. If you do not find the email, please contact us by email,

Q What is the difference between the core and the additional questionnaires?

The core questionnaires include the key variables that we will measure every year with thousands of Quebecers. The additional questionnaires include secondary variables that we will measure at different frequencies with only some participants. 

Q Will I receive the results of my questionnaires?

Once you have completed all the core questionnaires, you will receive a dietary evaluation. This way, you will be able to compare the quality of your diet from one year to another. You will not receive the results of the other questionnaires. 

Q What must I do if I realize that I made a mistake in one of the questionnaires?

You must email us at with your full name and the correction that must be made.

Q Is it possible to complete the questionnaires on a smart phone?

The dietary questionnaire can be completed on a smart phone since April 7, 2020. So, all questionnaires can be completed on the device of your choice: smartphone, tablet or computer.

Q Do I have to write down everything I eat to complete the dietary questionnaires?

The dietary questionnaire was conceived to help you remember what you ate the day before. Therefore, you do not need to write down everything you eat every day.

Q What happens if I do not fill out the dietary questionnaire on the indicated date?

The dietary questionnaires are programmed during two non-consecutive and random days (one week day and one weekend day). If a questionnaire is not completed on the indicated date, it will be cancelled, and a new date will be programmed.

Q Why can’t we choose the moment to complete the dietary questionnaire?

By choosing the moment to complete the dietary questionnaire, the participant is more susceptible to modify her/his usual diet, either to look good or to simplify the completion of the questionnaire.
The dietary questionnaire in the NutriQuébec study must be completed during two randomly chosen days. The participants receive an email each time a new dietary questionnaire is available.

Q Why does the dietary questionnaire ask what we ate the day before rather than the same day?

By knowing a dietary questionnaire needs to be completed the same day, the participant is more susceptible to modify her/his usual diet either to look good or to simplify the completion of the questionnaire. The dietary questionnaire used in the NutriQuébec study is a tool that allows writing down what was eaten the day before and not the same day. It was conceived to help participants remember what they ate the day before.

Q What type of information is provided in the dietary evaluation?

The dietary evaluation indicates your intakes in vegetables and fruits, whole grain foods, sodium, saturated fats and sugary drinks and compares them with Canada’s food guide recommendations. To add to that, hyperlinks redirect you to nutritional advice.

Q How can I be sure that my data will stay confidential?

We have received all necessary authorizations concerning security and confidentiality from the Ethics Committee of research with humans of Université Laval.